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Choosing your bedding

Special for hotels and professional accomodation

Select an exceptional bedding

Hospitality amenities and guest supplies guide

Hotel amenities, guest supplies and cosmetics for your guests

Take good care of your customers

Terry towel : Which one to select

Choosing the right bathroom terry towels

Select the quality

How to fight bed bugs

Bedbugs: Protection and Treatment

Bedbugs: Protection and Treatment

How to protect your bedding ?

A solution : polyuréthane

Mandatory mattress protection

Light up your hotel

Professionals lights for hotels

Improve your indirect lighting

Why choose one of our minibars?

Technology and savings

High-tech minibars High-tech minibars

Choosing a safe

Safe : Size, closure system, ...

Professional quality safes

What standard for my hair dryers?

Standards and advice for the use of electrical appliances in the bathroom

hair dryers designed for hotel bathrooms

Choosing the right pillows and duvets ?

pillow and duvets - the right criteria : Swelling, softness, hygiene, material and fabrics ...

Choose your pillows and duvets
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