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According to regulation 1223/2009, the labels are translated into the main languages used by your customers, ie up to 9 languages for certain collections: French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Indian, Chinese.

The information that must appear on the back of cosmetic items is as follows:
- The list of ingredients
- The capacity
- The article code and the batch number which allows the traceability of the articles
- The name and address of the person responsible for placing on the market - The origin of the articles

The validity of the product symbolized by a small pot called PAO: Period After Opening. 6M = usable for 6 months after opening. You will also find the Triman logo for items made from recyclable materials. For kits and accessories, there are pictograms on the boxes to help the maids quickly identify the items. The function of the product appears on the containers: shampoo, shower gel, etc. A security label is finally placed on the tube and the cap, proving that the product has never been used.