Communal areas

Communal areas

Arrange your lobby, reception areas and common areas

Today more than ever, the lobby, reception, reception and other common areas of your hotel must be thought out for the comfort of your customers, both in terms of the services offered and the decoration. You will find at HOTEL MEGASTORE all the essentials for your reception: bells and guest books, key rings, shoe polishers, fruit baskets, confectionery or other welcome products, rolling trolleys for luggage, doorstop, signage and informative displays, outdoor accessories, ashtrays ...

All the hotel equipment for your reception and your breakfast rooms and other common areas

Also at HOTEL MEGASTORE, everything you need for your breakfast rooms: table, chairs and armchairs as well as for your seminar spaces: seminar tables, seminar chairs and trolleys to transport all your seminar furniture. Give your establishment all the assets for an optimal reception of your customers, whatever their needs.