A large choice of linen: what to choose? - Our advice for choosing the right bathroom textile -

Offer your customers maximum comfort

The determining criterion in the choice of terrycloth is the density or weight of the textile. A good grammage is a guarantee of a high absorbency and a thick and comfortable fabric.


We offer several models of towels, of different sizes and uses:
- The guest square (30 x 30 cm) is only used for drying hands.
- The towel (50 x 100 cm) is used to dry the face or hair.
- The bath towel (70 x 140 cm or 100 x 150 cm) allows you to wrap your whole body when you come out of the bath or shower.
- The bath mat (50 x 70 cm) or shower mat (50 x 60 cm) prevents the customer from slipping on a wet floor and is more hygienic. It also provides comfort in cold conditions.

Finally, we offer 4 different materials to meet all your needs:
- The run-resistant sponge: it is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Its mesh is blocked so that the sponge shrinks less with use and washing.
- The 100% cotton, single yarn and double yarn looped knit is soft, absorbent and lofty. In double thread, it has a better hold over time.
- 100% cotton honeycomb : thin and light, this fabric dries very quickly and is very absorbent. It also has the advantage of taking up little space in the washing machine and in storage spaces. - Zero Twist cotton: made from long cotton fibers, its threads have a very low twist. The absorbent surface is thus larger and this brings more softness and swelling to the product.




In addition to being useful, the bathrobe provides considerable additional comfort. All our bathrobes are fitted with 2 lower pockets, a belt sewn into the back.

Two types of collars are available:
- The robe with a kimono collar: fairly flat, it takes up little space and dries quickly.
- The shawl-collar bathrobe: thicker, this turned-up collar elegantly dresses and finishes the bathrobe.

Hotel Megastore bathrobes are available in three different materials and available in three sizes.
- In 100% cotton mesh, for its loft.
- In 90% cotton 10% polyester run-on mesh, for its long life. - Made of 100% cotton honeycomb, for its lightness and compactness (ideal for hot regions).


Size M L XL
 Length (cm) 116 118 120
 Chest size (cm) 58 60 62
 Sleeve length (cm) 59 60 61

Our entire selection of towels and bathrobes has the Oeko-Tex® label. This ensures the absence of substances harmful to the body and the environment at all stages of textile processing. Regarding maintenance, it is preferable to limit the use of bleach as it may burn the cotton fibers and dull the textiles.