Convertible Sofa Armrests W17 Cm Berlin Bed From 70 To 160 Cm

Trendy sofas and designs, finally affordable

3-seater sofa bed W 196 x D 96 x H 90 cm Classic mattress Armrests W 17 cm

double bed 140 x 197 cm in red suedette fabric, unfolded 196 x 212 cm from the Berlin Collection

Ref . 293.2173.2271

  • Complete range, wide choice of colors and materials
    Comfort guaranteed with the Bultex mattress height 14 cm
    Aestheticism and comfort thanks to the 17 cm wide armrests


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The Armrests w 21 cm Dublin convertible sofas are perfectly suited to private areas (bedrooms, etc.). They have all the advantages: a low price, an extraordinary choice of materials and colors and ease of maintenance because they are completely removable. For the leather and imitation leather versions, it is recommended not to remove their covers and to clean them with soapy water.
They are available in a 1-seater and 1-seater comfort version and in a 2-seater, 3-seater and 3-seater comfort sofa version to meet all your expectations.
The Easy Open express opening mechanism allows the bed to be opened very easily by pulling the backrest towards you without removing the cushions. The sofa will then automatically unfold forward and the mattress with the fitted sheet and flat sheet already installed will appear. All you have to do is take the pillows out of the trunk located in the backrest and the duvet of the cupboard.Each model has a seat depth of 59 cm and a seat height of 48 cm.
The structure of the sofa is in particle board and solid wood covered with foam and nylon mesh.
The seat cushions are in sandwich foam with a density of 35 kg / m3 and HD 28Kg / m3 and in wadding of 200 g / m² while the back cushions are in sandwich foam with a density of 18/21 kg / m3.
The black metal legs are supplied with the sofa mechanism.
The 28 kg / m3 density polyurethane foam mattress with a thickness of 13 cm with a quilted top on damask ticking ensures comfort over 197 cm long in the dimensions of 70, 90, 120, 140 and 160 cm wide. It is also treated hypoallergenic.
As for the Comfort Bultex mattress with a thickness of 14 cm, it offers additional well-being in the dimensions 160, 140 and 120 cm wide and 197 cm long. It provides flexible and progressive comfort thanks to the micro-honeycomb latex foam and guarantees perfectly balanced support for the body and excellent ventilation of the mattress.
We also offer a comfort mattress worthy of a real bedding, 18 cm high in High Density foam 30 kg/m3 with a stretch ticking on a quilted top. This ensures a super comfortable bed for your customers.
The 17 cm wide armrests guarantee additional aesthetics and comfort.
The products are delivered in 3 packages, easy to assemble.
Do not hesitate to complete your purchase by adding our move up option which allows the sofa to be raised easily thanks to a pre-installed handle; located on each side of the sofa, between the armrests and the seat cushions (invisible). This option allows you to slide your sofa on casters without damaging your floors and without breaking your back. Very practical for cleaning too!

Diamond Armrest width: 17 cm
Diamond Mattress type: Classic density 28kg/m3 H 13cm
Diamond Bed dimensions: 140 x 197 cm
Diamond Bedding: 2 spaces
Diamond Coating type: suedette fabric
Diamond Colour: red
Diamond Seat: 3 seats
Diamond Dimensions: L 196 x D 96 x H 90 cm
Diamond Opened dimensions: 196 x 212 cm
Diamond Closed dimensions: L 196 x D 96 x H 90 cm
Diamond Weight: 90 kg
Diamond Removable cover: yes
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