Choose your professional quality bedding - Advice from HOTEL MEGASTORE -

Offer your customers a perfect sleeping experience

The quality of the bedding is one of the most important criteria for retaining hotel customers. Nowadays, customers are increasingly consulting reviews of establishments where they plan to stay, so it is essential to provide impeccable bedding.

The box spring and the mattress form a set that it is important to acquire or renew simultaneously, every 7 years of an hotel activity. The box spring allows in particular:
- The ventilation of the mattress and contributes to the evacuation of sweating generated by the user.
- to absorb 1/3 of the stresses undergone by the mattress, thus contributing to better comfort and to the increase the lifespan of the bedding.


Hotel Megastore offers you several european brands that are particularly recognized in the hotel market, each one being a specialist in a specific technology.

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The proposed mattresses can be:
- in foam: Bultex nano, HM and Mega ranges (economical foam manufactured by Bultex exclusively for HOTEL MEGASTORE).

- with springs: Epeda, Merinos and Simmons ranges.
"The thicker a mattress, the more comfortable and durable it is."


- mattresses specially designed for the hotel industry, lighter to facilitate handling.
- most of our models have handles on all 4 sides to facilitate handling or do not need to be turned over (in the SIMMONS range in particular).
- mattresses with sliding kit or velcro kit make it possible to optimize the occupancy rate of the rooms by transforming a room with a double bed into a room with 2 singles or vice versa.
- a 5-year guarantee on our entire offer.

The proposed box springs:

- box spring : the box spring is a slatted base. These are covered with a ticking and therefore not visible. A complete range of box spring covers is available.

- clad base: the clad bed base is a ready-to-use slatted base that does not require a bed base cover, the facing being covered with fabric or another material (imitation leather, for example). Our box springs are delivered without the feet to give you the choice of the finish and the height according to your needs. A full range of feet is available.